Greenheat Systems Limited

Andrew H Mackay is the inventor of Gentec WaTS, the only marine renewable energy system in the World today that will deliver secure firm electricity 24-7-52 now and in the future when there are no more fossil fuels left to burn.

Deep Oceanic Wave Power is by far the largest renewable energy resource of them all provided that you go mobile to seek out the largest, and the most energetic waves, in the prospect area.

Off the West Coasts of Scotland and Vancouver, the (mobile) wave energy resource is a massive 11GWh(mech) per mobile square metre of ocean
and Gentec WaTS converts that into 3 GWh(e)/mobile square metre of ocean will billions of tonnes of flash desalinated water as a by-product as an option depending on location.

Click on the link below for more information for a short movie on the only renewable energy system in the world that will generate electricity 24-7-52 from an infinite (intermittent) renewable energy resource - deep pelagic wave power.

Click on the link below for more information on my Patent.
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