Renewable Thermal Systems Limited


RTSL was incorporated in October 2016 to exploit our patented method of converting the kinetic and potential energies in wind, wave, tidal and river streams into thermal storage in the first instance. This renewable heat will be used to provide space heating and hot water for all domestic and commercial building in the UK. Electricity generated 24-7 thermally from these renewable heat stores is a viable option in the future.

Heat is extracted from the power in the wind using what I have called wind 'thermines'. Wind thermines produce vast quantities of heat when the wind blows and puts this heat into storage. They should not to be confused with wind turbines that generate electricity intermittently.

The Gentec stable of renewable energy systems are unique because all electricity is generated thermally and non-intermittently without burning anything at all.
Please read the Prospectus where I am seeking more than 12 million via Crowdfunding to build a precision engineering facility where wind thermines will be mass produced to replace burning woody biomass as a fuel.
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RTSL will produce almost all of the World's Renewable Electricity 24-7-52 (and flash desalinated water as a by-product) without burning anything at all.