Renewable Thermal Systems Ltd

RTSL is seeking investment to build the first wind thermine factory in Scotland through Crowdfunding by late Summer 2017. Wind thermines are designed to convert the energy in the wind directly into heat and then into thermal storage.

Retro-fitting existing rural homes and commercial buildings

The thermal storage is essentially an underground concrete box filled up with dry sand which is heated to the desired temperature by the wind. Embedded in the hot sand is a copper coil heat exchanger similar to the ones in hot water cylinders in your home - the only difference is that RTSL's heat exchanger is of a more robust design. Space heating and domestic hot water is achieved by circulating the hot water through your existing radiators making your existing oil, gas or biomass boiler obsolete. The size of the thermal store means that you can continue to heat your home for over two weeks of windless conditions but most householders would wish to retain their existing boilers in case of extended periods of little or no wind.

New build urban, rural homes and commercial buildings.

Wind thermines heat new builds in rural and urban areas in a different way where the concrete, bricks and mortar of the building irrespective of its size are heated to a confortable 25C to 30C. In high rise buildings the wind thermine will be mounted on the roof. Domestic and commercial hot water is heated to any desired temperature by means of a heat pump. The heat source for the heat pumps will be the heated masonry and fabric of the building itself and obviates the requirement of a separate heat store for retro-fitted systems described above.